Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm so far behind

I am so very far behind on everything. I am so far behind that I just finished listening to Inspirational wed and its FRIDAY. I spent all day doing laundry so that my child doesn't have to spend the weekend in her PJ's and I finially made it to the store so that we don't have to have dry cereal for dinner. I am so looking forward to monday and a day off I can't even tell you how happy I am. I did something stupid this week and injured my shoulder so I'm trying to be carefull with it. I think I probably just pulled a muscle and it will be fine after a few days. My family is yelling at me to go to the doctor but I am not about to spend the money to have some one take a quick look and then tell me I pulled a muscle and should take some tylenol and let it heal. I can spend the money at the yarn store and tell myself to take some tylenol and let it heal.
If it still hurts next Tuesday I'll make an appointment.
Knitting: I' was thinking about starting the boatneck cardigan from fitted knits but then after seeing all the cute summer tanks out now I may start one of thoes instead. I also really like the green gable that adrienne just finished.
Crocheting: I have been working away on my ripple I also started another one in Manos de uraguay (all wool) it's a thick and thin hand dyed yarn. It's a non proft organization that helps to bring opportunities to rural women. I'll check and see if they have a website for more info. I bought it at my LYS.
Srapping: I found some basic grey paper packs on clearence and had to buy them also a pack of Amy butler and wild asaragus. Hopefully I will be inspired to get some work done.

Hopefully there will be a sewing post comming very soon. HAppy weekend!!


Blogger Adrienne said...

ouch! feel better soon! Green gable was so fun! I want to do bluebell boatneck for the fall....enjoy your weekend!

2:27 PM  

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