Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall is near

well, It's the start of a new school year over here. G started high school this week. It looks ike it's gonna be a good year. She likes 5 of the 6 teachers and #6 is just "loud" according to G. So I have high hopes. The best thing about high school so far..she doesn't have to ride the bus anymore. The middle school is in the next town so all the kids have to ride the bus over there to get to school. Our town has the High School so now all the kids from that town ride the bus here. We live close too, so G can walk it. That means she doesn't have to get up nearly as early. YEA!!

I have been cleaning my craft/sewing area. Mostly I needed to clear all the stuff I had piled on or near the sewing machine.I wanted to get it done because it's almost time to start Fall sewing. Fall is my favorite season to sew for. I always slow way down with my sewing in the summer (as you may have noticed.) but when the fall fashoins start showing up I get back into the swing.
Speaking of swng I started knitting Flair, last week, I think. It's such a great style and I'm happy to see it's still all over the fashon magazines I decided I needed to cast on. Especially after seeing Adriene and Erica B have both got it on the needls.
Other then that I have been focusing all my free time of hanging out with my family. Sometimes we get so busy with our own things that we forget what's most important. So spend some time with your loved ones this weekend and have fun.


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Hey stephanie, thanks for the comment about today's podcast, I will make a note about how to find a new bra for something to feature on the podcast in the upcoming weeks and I seriously can't wait for fall to pull out the sweaters

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