Monday, May 28, 2007

what a difference the yarn makes

This is the original Ripple . Ripple #1 I'm using red heart soft and a size j hook. It's about 20 inches wide and 55inches long. Or maybe I should say 20 inches long and 55 inches wide ?? And a close up. It's not laying flat on the table it's all bunched up. That's why the rows look uneven. The colors are not looking too good in this photo either.
This is Ripple #2 I'm using Manos del Uraguay and a 10mm addi hook. I think that's a N. This yarn has thick and thin sections and so it changes the over all look of the blanket. The hook size makes it a faster project but the variation in yarn thickness makes it harder to see the stitches and eisier to make a mistake.

The yarns are hand dyed so you also have variations in the colors on the yarn. The dark green band that is between the light green and ecru is a varigated green blue color combo.

Then #3 I started because I was teaching someone how to make a ripple and it was eaisier to just start from the beginning. This is a cotton poly yarn with alot of stretch to it, very very soft. It's called schulana super cotton ( I think) If I keep going on this one it will be a scrap aphgan. I
don't think I'd be able to find enough of this yarn to make a whole one. I don't think I'd want to spend the money to even try. I haven't seen very many ripples that use a variety of yarn types. I'm wondering if I can very the yarn gauge slightly without to much trouble. This yarn is a thick worsted. I'm using a 7 mm addi hook ( K )

And I finally made a decision ( I think) It's going to be green gable next. using cotton fleece The color is Nymph.

G and I have been trying to put together out LOST puzzle but we keep running into a challenge.
He hides pieces too. This puxxle is one of the 4 that came oout for last season. I got them for $1 at Barnes and Noble after Christmas. I only bought two but wish I had bought all 4 because after you put the puzlle together you put all f together and flip them over to see a map on the back. That's probably only cool to people who are into LOST.


Blogger Adrienne said...

Your ripple looks great! When I get a few more rows I will post mine! LOVE my green gable Stephanie! Its my favorite knit so far! LOL

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