Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well today was going to be quilting day but I had to work instead. I'm a substitute teacher and I have learned that if you want to get called for a job all you have to do is make plans for a certain day and magic.. you get called to teach. That's good though. I like my job.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swap plan

On the right, 4 skirts.
One plaid wool, Dark brown corduroy with bottons on the front, light tan cord pencil skirt, tango skirt in brown rayon.
Accesories: La rue bag in faux chocolate leather, bucket hat to match plaid skirt, cordory newsboy cap.
On the left, 6 tops
two knit tops, three button blouses and one reversible vest in cream. Vest will have embrodery in swap colors on one side. Th other side will be a solid cream. I also have a cream knit to make an extra plain t-shirt to wear under some of the button blouses.
Jacket: I have not yet found a turq cordoroy. I am thinking about using one of the following patterns ( simp 4109, simp 4099, kwik sew 3466, simp 4084 still thinking)

I need to make a list of notions to purchase and continut to look for a jacket or coat fabric.
I'm really looking forward to working on this. I have to finish Christmas first.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Aprons next ?

is the apron I think I am making for people. I bought this pattern earlier this year. Since then I have seen a Butterick (4945) one I really like. I think this 2nd one would be better for the two grandmas.'aprons'&page=1

I know an apron is an apron and I hardly need a pattern. I could always modify my first pattern.

progress report

I finished the tops of three quilts including borders today.
I even have the backs pieced and the batting and binding all cut to size. I am so ready to start quilting these. Well..actually now that I think about it I should wind a bunch of bobbins and make sure I have enough thread first. These two are for guys. One is done in Hawaiian fabric the other batiks.
Ifound the buttons I needed to use for mom's wallhanging so I hope to get thoes sewn on tonight.
I didn't get a new SWAP picture up or the Aprons started but I did so much more on these quilts then I expected I feel ok with my progress. I still have time tonight too.

Goals for today

I have t get some sewing done today. SO, to keep myself focused I am posting a list of things to do on here.
finish the quilt top for Dave (done)
pick a border for Erics quilt. (done)
New SWAP picture
If I complete these I'll go to lunch as a reward (had salad)
Plan quilt for Grandma (almost done)
Apron ?
Find Buttons for Moms wallhanging, or make a shopping list (found and sewn, walhanging done)
I would like to quilt on WED. (looks like I could do it on Tuesday)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

That wasn't on the list

While I was out shopping today I found a fabric for my La Rue bag from Hot Patterns. (I am hosting a sewalong on Pattern Review for anyone who is interested). Anyway I was out shopping with my DH who wanted to take part in some of the holiday deal shopping and I was determined to stick to my list and not get caught up in the moment. I did pretty good except for this guy, who was not on the list but I just had to bring him home. He is a 5 1/2 month old male tabby. We adopted him from the adopt a cat/kitten people who had a booth set up near one of the big box stores. I hope that he and our young female will get along ok. She is my sewing companion.
O.k. enough of the cat talk. I hope to have a photo of my swap board up by MOnday.
I started a quilt last night (christmas gift) the top is almost done so I'll get that photo up as well.
I also bought a new book." Make your own dress patterns by Adele Margolis. Oh and I bought Fit for real people last week. I want to make a sloper. I will be reviewing these two books on Pattern Review.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black friday

Well, I went out into the world today to get all thoes great buys on the perfect gifts. It wasn't nearly as busy as I excpected. G surprised me and wanted to go along. The only problem with that is that I couldn't buy her gifts but that's ok. I was able to buy gifts for the men in the family so I am really excited. Usually they are the hardest and I leave them untill last but not this year. I am off to a great start. Now if I could just get my butt over there and finish sewing up thoes other gifts instead of planning for SWAP and sewing other fun stuff.
On my adventure I of course made time to go into the two fabric shops that were having a sale. I was very focused though and only bought what I was looking for. I found two fabrics for tops for swap and a fleece piece on sale and a couple zippers and G picked out a crazy fleece as well. I will whip up another pair of PJ bottoms out of it.
I still need the perfect turquise fabric to make a coat or jacket but that can wait.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

in the begining

At first I hade a mess. I was having trouble deciding between a Red, black, cream swap or a Brown, turq, cream swap.On the left you cab see the fabric that started it all a Gauzy turq print with brown and rust flowers but I also had a cool knit print in blue, olive and light turq.The coat images are cut out from magazines as inspiration.

Swap 2007

I set up this blog as a spot to keep track of my swap progress.

Just notes:
Chocolate brown
Light turq

4 skirts
1 jacket
1 vest (?)
4 tops

One has to be reversible

Patterns Maybe
Tango skirt (needs to be ordered)
t-shirt, (needs to be ordered)
Simplicity 4076, 4112,4026,
McCalls 4922,
need to decide on skirt, jacket, vest these are all patterns that I need to create to get the right look.