Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall is near

well, It's the start of a new school year over here. G started high school this week. It looks ike it's gonna be a good year. She likes 5 of the 6 teachers and #6 is just "loud" according to G. So I have high hopes. The best thing about high school so far..she doesn't have to ride the bus anymore. The middle school is in the next town so all the kids have to ride the bus over there to get to school. Our town has the High School so now all the kids from that town ride the bus here. We live close too, so G can walk it. That means she doesn't have to get up nearly as early. YEA!!

I have been cleaning my craft/sewing area. Mostly I needed to clear all the stuff I had piled on or near the sewing machine.I wanted to get it done because it's almost time to start Fall sewing. Fall is my favorite season to sew for. I always slow way down with my sewing in the summer (as you may have noticed.) but when the fall fashoins start showing up I get back into the swing.
Speaking of swng I started knitting Flair, last week, I think. It's such a great style and I'm happy to see it's still all over the fashon magazines I decided I needed to cast on. Especially after seeing Adriene and Erica B have both got it on the needls.
Other then that I have been focusing all my free time of hanging out with my family. Sometimes we get so busy with our own things that we forget what's most important. So spend some time with your loved ones this weekend and have fun.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

looking for the prfect cardigan

New patterns: looking for the perfect cardigan This one is from Chic knits: they have some great patterns go check them out if you haven't
These two are the same pattern but with sleeve variations from Stitch Divas.

I finished the body of my puffed sleeve cardigan and now I need to pick up the stitches for the button band. Problem is I kinda forgot there was going to be a button band when I was trying it on during the construction. So its gonna be too big. I also didn't realize the lace peplum was so long so it's longer then it should be as well. I made the 36 because I have a 35 14 inch bust but clearly I should have made the smaller size. I always pick the wrong size thinking I'm bigger then I am. There other problem I have is that my waist is really small compared to my bust so I should have done more fitting and made the waist much much smaller. I will finish this as soon as I figure out how to do the button bands or maybe I should just do sometype of edging on it instead. Then I am going to throw it inthe wash and hope to shrink it up a bit.

here are the site links for the above patterns
chic knits Ariann and stitch Divas Trapeze and
I'm thinking about trying the Elizabeth Bennet cabled cardigan from fitted knits but in the smallest size. It's almost the same as the puffed sleeve cardigan but with a few changes.

I also started working on a scarf for a swap I'm in. I chaged my mind 4 times but now I think I'm happy. I hope my partner will like it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The "C" word

I have decided it's time to start thinking about Christmas. I know it's only August but every year I am still crafting on Christmas Eve and this year I want to be done before that. Maybe even the week before that. Doesn't that sound like a great idea. To be totally done with all your gifts and still have a week to enjoy the holiday. I'm also only going to make things for the people who really appreciate a handmade gift. Why go to all that trouble if they don't even care.
So let's start a list of ideas to help get things going.

Mom: she's easy I can make her pretty much anything and she will like it. I think this year I'll make her a crocheted throw for the couch.
Brother: Right now I'm thinking I'll make him one too in a super chunky, super washable yarn in blacks and greys.
Daughter: G is still waiting for a pair of leg warmers in bright orange.
Husband: A new beanie would be good, maybe two if I have the time.
Grandma W: asked for a purple scarf this last winter so I will make her one for Christmas.

There are more people to think about but these are the ones I have possible ideas for at the moment. And these are all knit and crochet I will have a seperate list for sewing.

As for current projects: My puffed sleeve cardigan is on the peplum section. i still have to figure out ho I am going to make it long sleeves rather then short like the pattern calls for.
I also cast on for the drop stitch tank ;last night. both are from fitted knits.
I am now looking for the perfect scarf pattern for a scarf I'm making. I'm leaning towards the chevron scarf or the sililiar one from scarf style. Or I found the "morning surf scarf" yesterday while on Ravelry.

I bought romantic style knits by Annie Modesitt this week. I'll review it after I finish looking at it.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Here is my puffed sleeve cardigan from Fitted knits. Keep in mind the needles are still in it and there is a yarn ball hanging from it and of course the scrap yarn in the sleeves. So you have to expect it to look at least a little "wonky". Otherwise I think it looks pretty good. I'm just about ready to start the peplum and the lace pattern. I'm really excited about that because, it's starting to get boring and I need a challenge.

I bought this yarn because I totally fell in love with theseleather handles and this pattern uses thoes handles. So I spent a few hours this weekend and knitted up the bag in this pattern
Here is the bag. The linning is just stuffed in the back right now and hasn't been stitched in yet.
I still LOVE the handles but I don't love the bag so .....I might make something else for the handles and put different handles on the bag. I'm not sure.

I have been sewing lots of knitting needleand crochet hook cases. I don't know why I keep forgetting to take a picture of thoes.

Monday, August 06, 2007

not much goin on.

I bought the new vogue knitting today. It's the 25th anniversary addition. It has some fun articles in it and I have to knit this sweater. I was looking for the new IW knits but it hasn't come out yet. I was also hoping to take a peak at the romantic knitting book by Annie Modsitte but they didn't have that either. I bought the Vogue knitting without even looking in it because it was such a thick issue. I also saw a stack of the new sew stylish that hadn't been put out yet. I might check that out next trip.

I finished knitting a bag. It took about 4 hours to make. More on this later.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Is it friday again?

This week went by so fast. I can't believe it's friday. I had plannd to head to my favorite yarn shop today after work, to work on my hexagons that are being sadly forgotten. I ended up getting sidetracked by grocery shopping and dinner instead ,so hopefully tommorow I will have time. I am really trying to finish them off because I am totally in love with my new crochet book and can't wait to start something new. I originally saw this book at monstitches blog

It's the pattern she used to make her hexagon blanket. Isn't it georgeous. I found the book at Yarnology and fell in love with several of the patterns.

I seperated the sleeves from the body on the puffed sleeve cardigan and things should start moving much faster now.

In sewing news I made 8 knitting needle cases but still haven't cut out my gum drop pillow.

I'm off to ravelry to see what other projects I need to add to my must make list.