Saturday, September 27, 2008

No knitting

Aint gonna be knitting over here! See how swollen and funky my hand is / you should see under the bandage. Hopefully the antibiotics will fight off the enfection quickly and the incesion will heel fast because...dude i got stuff to knit and clothes to wash. And typing with one hand is really hard!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

holiday knitting anyone?

I thought I would maybe think about some possible gift ideas. The man of the house has a birthday the beg of Nov, and Gin, the middle of Nov. I think I will knit the habitat hat in a nice tweed for the man and the elysian fingerless gloves in a Alpacca for Gin. Red ones!! Then I found this great pattern for sock/shoes that I need for me. Because I want them. Maybe in Red!
They are called Adult moc a soc's and they were designed by Bekah.knits. If your on Ravelry you can go get the pattern.

Monday, September 22, 2008

just rambling mostly

I found a new blog to read the other day, actually I found a few but this one in particular needs to be mentioned because I have to make this scarf. The blog is called Knittywhipped ,you can go check her out and she made this scarf, in red, baby!! Its the boteh scarf it was in one of the Interweaveknits crochet mags. 278 people have made this scarf on Ravelry and I didn't really think too much of it untill I saw hers ,in RED. Love it. Need it, Must make it.

But today my big plans are.....laundry..go to the bank...Knit up to the neck shapping on the vogue sweater, preferebly with a minimal amount of fowl language and frogging. Don't get me wrong the pattern is great it's just that when Vogue magazind decided to edit the pattern they altered some very improtant stuff. It's ok, don't we just love solving puzzles while knitting sweaters.
Then I was thinking I MIGHT think about a list for the holidays. I have two important birthdays in November and then of course Christmas. I would love to have this a "no spend make them all stuff "holiday. But that would cut into my selfish knitting time. So ....I'll think on it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bags bags and more bags

I love bags. When I used to work in a fabric store I used to make myself a new bag every of couple weeks. Several of them I would give away to friends. Some of them I have kept.

Then I stopped sewing as much and started knitting more. Knitting bags isn't as fast as sewing them. You can easily design and sew a bag in a day or two but to design and knit a bag or even just knit a bag takes awhile.
Lately though, I have been wanting to make a few new bags so, here are some of the ones I have been looking at.

The stained glass bag. It uses Noro yarn. I love Noro and have the perfect yarn for this. I even have some black Manos for the handle.
This is a new pattern that will be in the new Mason Dixon book. I have the book pre ordered on Amazon but I'm a little worried that this is the only good pattern. It uses Manos. I love manos yarn.
This bag is from the new Debbie Bliss magazine and will probably never be made by me. It's small yarn on small needles but it's pretty. It has a zipper as the handle. That doesn't sound comfortable but it's interesting.

I love this one. It is also from the new Debbie Bliss magazine and uses her new yarn. Como is a chunky weight wool that is super soft. The bag is made on size 15 needles. I love size 15 needles.

This one I have been wanting to make since the book came out in 2005. It's the counterpane bag from Handknit holidays. This version is done in Noro.

This is a pattern from Japan. I love the look of this bag. I think it's super cute and I feel like it would be easy enough to figure out a pattern for it.

This one I believe is called the woven tote. It's in the bag style book. This version was done by a Ravelry member and I love how the colors really let the pattern come out. The one in the book isn't as interesting.

Oh darn and I just realized I'm missing a picture. It's another japanese pattern that I fould a picture of recently and though it was very cool. The style is similiar to the bag that I have sewn in my last post but it's made up of tiny granny squares. It's a fun idea.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Here is the finished sewing project. It's a kwik sew pattern and I'd say it took about 1 1/2 hours start to finish.

signs of sewing

Look, were sewing!! Yes, the viking is happy. The pfaff is jealous, sitting in the corner with it's cover still on.

friends don't let friends drink and knit

So it started out with the discovery of a "little problem" Opps. I purled on the joining round when I should have knitted. Ok, I can probably fix that with having to "frog" my project. I'll just wait till I get there and drop the stitch and pick it up. I can probably figure that out without too much stress.

what a minute... what the heck.....Who messed up my cable? OHHH man...That sucks. I bet it was thoes sewing machines. They have been jealous of the knitting for years. They must have got ahold of the sweater last night while I was asleep and messed up my cable. They probably are the ones who purled my perfect knit stitches. I thought it was odd that I would have made such a stupid error. Yep it was them all right. I would never have done that.

I have to set this aside for now. I am sooo dissapointed.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What is she doing?

Hey, dude. Wake up.


Look ! I think she's going to..

No way, not happening.

But look at what she's doing. I'm sure she's going to...

Big deal she's cleaning off the desk. The last time she did that you got yourself all excited and then what? She blocked a sweater. Remmeber that? Not only were you totally dissapointed but we had to sit here and watch the darn thing dry.

No. I'm sure this time. She is really going to I can feel it in my electrical cord. . I really think it's gonna happen.

Well.......She does have the big scissors out. Wait is that......thread? Do you see thread?

See !! I told you, she really is going to do...wait a minute.. do you hear that?

Oh well so much for that, might as well go back to sleep. You know that guy only brings books and yarn these days. Ohhh remmember the good ole days when all he brought was fabric ?

yes I do...we used to try and guess what she was making next.

Now where is she going?

Well, your not going to believe this. But I she couldn't be.

What ? what is she doing, tell me ? You know I can't see that far from my spot.

You won't believe it ,but I think she's counting her shoes?

It's been along time but I don't remmeber her counting her shoes before she started a project before?

No me either, we might as well go back to sleep, looks like she's just lost her mind.